Cloud Calling
Cloud Calling is your phone system in the cloud, with all the benefits of a traditional office phone system, without the complexity of managing and securing it.
Our solution offers all the features of a traditional PBX phone system, plus extra functionality and advanced calling features. You’ll enjoy more control over your communications with a scalable, affordable solution that can enhance your productivity.

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million users around the world

OpEx cost model

Moving to the cloud brings natural economies of scale, which can help you avoid major capital outlays and large upfront investments.

We’ll help you discover the right product for your business.
We create a cost-effective solution based on your objectives.
Enjoy a seamless transition.

Enjoy global multisite connectivity

A single cloud-based calling platform lets workers in multinational locations communicate seamlessly using one global dialling plan and collaboration experience.

Collaboration between sites has been easier.
Stay connected where ever you are.
Never miss an opportunity.

Experience reliable business continuity

Our trusted cloud cloud-calling platform helps protect your business from disruptions, so you can stay connected and keep your business moving forward.

Backup servers deployed in seconds.
Avoid lengthy on-premise equipment updates.
Benefit from a secured and protected cloud.